Too Many Tandle Tangents!

So far, I am not blogging as much as I would have liked during the month of August. Sometimes, life just gets in the way. Now that school is soon upon me, I’m back in action and ready to share more of my Tandle Tangents. Since I last posted, I vacationed in Boston, attended two […]

The Quizlet Unconference

Over the past two days, I have been fortunate enough to have time in my schedule to attend the Quizlet Unconference.¬†Quizlet¬†is a study website (think: flashcards) I used when I was a student. It’s been very cool to see how it’s evolved over time. It is free to create a basic account, and there are […]

And So It Begins….

Hello everyone! I have finally decided to (finish) joining the Math-Twitter-Blogosphere. I learned a lot about it during my undergraduate years and have followed many people on Twitter this year who have their own blogs. So I figured, why not start my own? My name is Nina Tandle. I’m about to enter in my second […]